On February 12, 2013 Madison County State’s Attorney Thomas D. Gibbons spoke to the entire fifth grade class at Columbus Elementary School. Mr. Gibbons spoke on the importance of making the correct and healthy decisions. Mr. Gibbons also stated that if the wrong decisions are made, what the possible consequences could be. This was a very appropriate time for Mr. Gibbons to speak to the fifth graders; this reinforces the message that the DARE Officers are instructing the students on the consequences of poor decisions and what could ultimately happen if they make those poor decisions. In several weeks all thirteen fifth grades classes will be taking a field trip to the Madison County Detention Home. This is one more validation of what can happen if you make a poor and healthy decision.

Gibbons Group

The Edwardsville Police DARE Officers would like to thank Mr. Gibbons for his visit and his continued support of the Edwardsville DARE Program.